best steering wheel covers 2024

Best steering wheel covers 2024

Ensure a comfortable driving experience by opting for one of the best steering wheel covers 2024.

BEST Steering wheel covers 2024

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Besides the pedals, the primary interface with your vehicle is the steering wheel. We are spending extended hours behind it, whether commuting, handling tasks, or embarking on road trips, and can benefit from the addition of an aftermarket steering wheel cover. These covers enhance comfort and grip while safeguarding the wheel from wear and tear. Some premium options are the best steering wheel cover for hot weather and for cold weather to ensure optimal hand comfort. Given its frequent use, prioritizing the comfort and condition of your steering wheel is essential for an enjoyable driving experience.

Installing a steering wheel cover in our car can significantly elevate your driving comfort. It acts as a shield, guarding the steering wheel against scratches, while also providing insulation against extreme temperatures, keeping our hands comfortable and dry.

How to put steering wheel covers on

Prepare your steering wheel for a fresh start by wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth to remove any moisture. Before slipping on your new steering wheel cover, make sure to remove any packaging materials like header cards or Styrofoam stuffing that may come with it.

Depending on the material of your cover, it may be either loose-fitting and require stitching, or tight-fitting and stiff. If it’s the latter, often made of rigid and inflexible material, you can use a blow dryer to soften it for easier application.

Begin by aligning the upper part of the wheel cover with the upper part of your steering wheel. Slowly unfold the cover and work your way down, gently stretching both sides alternately to mold it as closely to the wheel as possible. If you find the fit is slightly off, you can adjust by carefully pulling the cover back and readjusting.

Once the cover is properly aligned and molded to the wheel, tuck in any excess material around the rim to ensure a snug fit. With these steps, your steering wheel will be refreshed and ready for the road ahead!

Here are some top steering wheel covers currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Products  Details Price
SEG Direct Car Steering Wheel Cover | Best overall Fits sizes between 14 ½” to 16”

Crafted from microfiber leather

Guards against scratches, wear, and sunburn

Check Price
Cat Two-Tone Ergonomic |Best Heavy-duty Double-stitched seams for added durability

Constructed from Eco-friendly materials

Ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort
Check Price
Kafeek Elastic Long Microfiber | best winter cover Ranges from 14 ½” to 15”

Resistant to sweat

Provides a secure grip
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FanMats Steering Wheel Cover | Best personalized cover Displays logos from NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA teams

Constructed with mesh fabric and faux-suede material

Constructed with mesh fabric and faux-suede material
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The optimal steering wheel covers should provide a snug fit, crafted from resilient materials, ensuring both a comfortable and secure grip. Our evaluation process rigorously tested these covers for precisely these attributes. Below, we present our recommendations for the finest steering wheel covers, informed by our comprehensive testing experience.

1. SEG Direct Car Steering Wheel Cover: Best Overall

Key Features

This sturdy and straightforward-to-mount steering wheel cover stands out as the top choice for concealing an aging or worn-out original factory steering wheel. Its intricate splicing design elevates the interior aesthetics of our vehicle. Crafted from best steering wheel cover leather, it offers a softer touch compared to factory-installed steering wheels, promoting driving comfort and reducing fatigue. The combination of a less slippery microfiber leather exterior and rubber lining enhances safety while driving, ensuring a secure grip. Additionally, it safeguards your steering wheel from sun damage, scratches, fading, wear, and dirt accumulation. With its comfortable grip, this automotive steering wheel cover absorbs hand sweat caused by summer heat, facilitating a better grip on the wheel.

Our Experience

The SEG Direct Car Steering Wheel Cover earned the prestigious title of overall best Steering Wheel Cover 2024 in the automotive industry, as recognized by our product testing team, and has also become a bestseller on Amazon.

Fit: Among our test vehicle’s steering wheels, this black leather car steering wheel cover undoubtedly excelled. While it may require some effort to install the cover onto your steering wheel, once fitted, it delivers a flawless fit.

Material: Crafted from faux leather, this car wheel protector offers an exceptional tactile experience, likely enhancing your overall driving comfort. The microfiber leather utilized by SEG Direct feels remarkably soft and pleasant to the touch.

Grip: With its anti-slip properties, this steering wheel cover ensures a secure grip on the wheel. We conducted various tests, holding the steering wheel at different angles and pulling from different directions, and found that there was minimal risk of hands slipping while driving.

2. Cat Two-Tone Ergonomic |Best Heavy-duty

Key Feature

StitchingDouble-stitched seams for added durability
MaterialConstructed from eco-friendly materials
DesignErgonomically designed for enhanced comfort

✓ Maximum performance❌ Difficult to install
✓ Insulated design
✓ All natural materials
✓ Universal size

The cat leather grip steering wheel cover serves as a protective shield against steering wheel damage, including cracking, peeling, dirt, dust, and oily residue, making it ideal for both heavy-duty use and everyday driving. Its double-stitched seams enhance durability, ensuring long-lasting performance. Designed ergonomically, the cover offers a soft and comfortable grip, keeping hands fresh during extended drives and daily commutes. Furthermore, it insulates the wheel against extreme temperatures, providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer, suitable for all seasons and weather conditions. Crafted from odorless, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials, it’s easy to clean and resistant to fading or discoloration, guaranteeing lasting quality. Best steering wheel cover for winter season because it provide warmth in winter.

Our Experience

Our team bestowed the Cat Two-Tone Ergonomic with the title of Best Heavy-Duty Cover due to its exceptional durability and superior build quality.

Fit: The fit of this steering wheel cover onto our test vehicle’s steering wheel was impeccable. Despite being notably thicker than other covers we tested, it maintained a snug fit without any looseness.

Material: Crafted from high-quality leather, this cover offers a firm grip while remaining pleasantly soft to the touch during long drives. The material surpasses that of the factory-installed steering wheel in our test vehicle, which has endured years of wear and tear.

Grip: When it comes to grip, this steering wheel cover excels. Our team members were highly impressed by the secure hold they could achieve on the steering wheel without experiencing any stickiness, thanks to this remarkable car interior accessory.

3. Kafeek Elastic Long Microfiber | best winter cover

Key Feature

Fits Steering Wheel SizesRanges from 14 ½” to 15”
SweatproofResistant to sweat
Non-slipProvides a secure grip
Stretchable MaterialAccommodates various steering wheel sizes
Universal FitSuitable for most vehicles

✓ Skidproof lining✗ Can easily fray
✓ Elasticized rubber band
✓ Long microfiber plush design

This steering wheel cover is designed to fit all middle-size steering wheels with diameters ranging from 14 1/2 inches to 15 inches (37cm to 39cm). It’s crafted from durable long microfiber plush, ensuring a luxurious touch and warm feel while also being healthy and eco-friendly. With its anti-skidding feature, stability, and heat resistance, it offers a better grip for enhanced control on the road. Not only does it serve as a perfect decor for your car, but it also protects your steering wheel. Additionally, its easy installation process, thanks to the elastic stretch rubber band, makes it suitable for any adult without the need for tools.

Our Experience 

We recognized the Kafeek Elastic Long Microfiber as the top choice for winter driving due to its material composition and specialized design tailored to cold weather conditions.

Fit: Fit emerged as a critical testing category for us, yet unfortunately, this steering wheel cover fell short in this aspect. We noticed a slight movement of the cover while gripping the steering wheel. Furthermore, although the elasticized rubber band facilitates easy installation, it also renders the cover prone to slipping and sliding.

Material: Despite our admiration for the material used in this steering wheel cover, we were disappointed to observe several microfiber strands unraveling even before removing the cover from its original packaging.

Grip: While some users may find no issues with its grip, our team members encountered challenges in this regard. The elastic rubber band featured on this coverslipped completely off the wheel when attempting to pull tightly on the steering wheel.

4.FanMats Steering Wheel Cover | Best personalized cover

Key Features

Sports Team LogosDisplays logos from NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA teams
MaterialConstructed with mesh fabric and faux-suede material
WarrantyComes with a 30-day warranty

✓ Many logo/team options✗ Less resistant to UV light
✓ Soft and comfortable grip✗ Will not last as long as leather covers
✓ Easy to install

Crafted from 100% Other Fibers, this product is imported and features soft grippy mesh and faux suede construction. It boasts vibrant embroidered logos on the top and team names on the bottom. Designed to keep your hands cool in summer and warm in winter, it fits most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Plus, it’s conveniently machine washable, with air drying recommended.

Our Experience

In our evaluation, the FanMats proved to be straightforward to install and boasted comfortable materials. However, we encountered durability and UV resistance issues, which may lead to deterioration over time.

Fit: Installing the FanMats cover onto the wheel of our Ford Focus posed no challenges. While some pulling was required, this was typical of most covers we tested. Overall, this cover was easier to install compared to others.

Material: The faux-suede material provides a soft and comfortable feel, while the mesh sections (on the sides) offer a secure grip. Although comfortable, the materials lack ruggedness, especially when compared to leather or faux leather. Expect this steering wheel cover to offer limited longevity.

Grip: The FanMats steering wheel cover offers commendable grip, especially in the mesh sections. It effectively reduces slippage while driving.

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What to Consider When Buying a Best Steering Wheel Covers 2024

When it comes to best steering wheel covers, the options are vast, ranging from materials to colors, ensuring you’ll find one to suit your car, climate, and style. Before making a purchase, always ensure compatibility with your specific make and model.

Once confirmed, it’s essential to assess the feel of the cover to ensure it’s comfortable to hold. Adding a cover alters the driving experience, with thicker and heavier covers offering a more noticeable change. Some premium covers even come with additional features like heating and cooling. Lastly, ensure the cover complements your car’s interior aesthetics before finalizing your choice.

With steering wheel covers available in a price range from $6 to $25, there’s something to match every budget.


While many drivers view best steering wheel covers as primarily aesthetic enhancements to their car’s interior, it’s important to note that an improperly fitting cover could impact your driving experience negatively. Ensuring the best steering wheel covers you choose fits your vehicle’s steering wheel size is crucial. Below, discover the Best steering wheel covers 2024:

  • SEG Direct Car Steering Wheel Cover | Best overall
  • Cat Two-Tone Ergonomic |Best Heavy-duty
  • Kafeek Elastic Long Microfiber | best winter cover
  • FanMats Steering Wheel Cover | Best personalized cover


A: The best materials for a steering wheel cover depend on personal preference and desired features. However, leather, microfiber, and silicone are popular choices for their durability, comfort, and grip.

A: To ensure a proper fit, measure the diameter of your steering wheel. Most covers are designed to fit standard steering wheel sizes, typically ranging from 14.5 to 15.5 inches in diameter. Refer to the manufacturer’s sizing guide for specific measurements.

A: Yes, certain steering wheel covers are designed with temperature-resistant materials to provide comfort in extreme weather. Look for covers with thermal insulation properties to keep your hands cool in summer and warm in winter.

A: Installation methods may vary depending on the cover type. Generally, start by aligning the cover with the top of the steering wheel and gradually stretching it over the wheel’s circumference. Use included instructions or online tutorials for specific guidance.

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